iPad Expectations

  ‚ÄčiPad Use in School
     During the school day, students will use their school iPads to:
  • access assignments
  • complete assignments
  • read 
  • create projects 
  • research
  • and much more. 
Each teacher will be using the iPad in their classroom as it integrates into the learning.
     On the School iPads, the lock screen needs to be a photo of the student with their name and house. The selfie must be school appropriate.
     Students will be instructed on what school apps to load on their iPad. The teachers will instruct students to add and delete apps as they are needed for class instruction.
      Our goal is to use the iPad as an instructional tool not a distraction to learning. As part of PBIS, students will be instructed on what is proper use of their School iPad. Consequences for inappropriate use will follow our school PBIS consequences.

Pad Use at Home
     The school iPads are for educational purposes. Students will be using the devices at home to complete school work. On a normal day, students should have no more than an hour of homework.
     To see your student’s assignments, ask your student to show you Schoology. 
      Once homework is completed, the school device should be collected and placed on a charging station. We encourage families to charge devices outside of the child's bedroom.
       Be aware that the school iPads have internet access but the content access if filtered. We have a filtering system to restrict access to these and other harmful sites.  Parents still need to be aware of where their child is going when using the internet. It is okay to restrict any use at home not directly related to school work.

Insurance Coverage 
      A reminder that the insurance policy covers the iPad only for accidental damage to the School iPad. To be covered by insurance, the school iPad must be in the case provided by the school. The School iPad will be replaced 2x per school year if accidentally damaged. After the that the parent is responsible for 50% of the repair cost. Intentional damage to the school iPad is NOT covered by the insurance and will be billed to the parent.
‚Äč     Damage to the case, power block or cord are not covered by the insurance like the tires on your car are not covered. Please report any damage or problems with the iPad, cord, block or case to your student’s teacher as soon as it happens.

Additional information